Driving, Driving, and more Driving

Hello Internet. My name is Christy and I'm 19, and My mom and I are heading out on a roadtrip this summer starting from NC and going to WA, UT and everything inbetween and back. Traveling East Coast to West Coast! So, this is me blogging, and no one probably following! :D
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I’m not one to pass up a chance to take a “road-trip”, especially during the winter and get to go more south. This past weekend I road-tripped with a special someone to SC and we had a blast. The three hour drive wasn’t bad and shockingly we were able to find radio stations the whole time. It wasn’t a long trip but still a fun experience. We went down so I could check out his college campus and its always fun to see others’ schools. I mean mine is so small I forget that most campus’ are huge and spread out. Anyways, short and simple moral is to always take those traveling opportunities. You never know what you’ll experience or when you’ll get to go again whether its a short three hour trip,or a long month long excursion. 

Also we saw two hot air balloons on the way! Yesitsblurryimaware

What’s your favorite time of the year for scenery?
Clearly mines Fall 😊

This past weekend a couple friends and I headed out to Washington DC for the national book festival. This was my first year going and definitely not my last. Standing in line for 2.5 hours in the sun is actually more fun and satisfying than one would assume. Thanks to a friends mom who was quiet nice to us rowdy college students we had picnic lunches packed and ready to eat in line. Which we did. And it was so good. 2 hours flew by and then quickly our line was shuffled forward to meet Veronica Roth! (Quickly used very carefully) multiple lines were cut and told they wouldn’t make it so heads up and go early. Next day I got Khaled Hosseini to autograph a book. All in all the trip was worth while, duh, plus all the free stuff and getting to see the art museum in our down time didn’t hurt either. Also seeing the president in his motorcade and swat FBI guys decked out in hear didn’t hurt either.

Can I just say I also saw an Idaho license plate quite quickly into the trip and just, why can’t that happen that fast every roadtrip for the license plate game!?

Mini roadtrip for weekend to Washington DC for the national book festival.



From day 3. Yes excuse me, can you not turn on the power please. Fargo,ND

Are you telling me that Fargo has a woodchipper to honor the movie Fargo? The movie that made me never ever want to visit Fargo?

The real movie wood chipper is inside the visitor center if that makes you feel any better ;)

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Keep everything except clothes( in suitcases) in large plastic tubs in the back of your car so it’s easy to take out, and easy to keep up with……

And unlike us, actually use them to load things back up in before you unpack the car so 20 trips aren’t necessary and so the car can be unpacked by a week or so after the trip….maybe Im just lazy….

The Needles Eye- Black Hills, SD

(From my first roadtrip a couple years ago)

We have finally arrived home! After a 4.5 hour drive from Knoxville to home in NC our trip has ended! It was a blast! But have no fear, I still have to write about unpacking the car which is an adventure within itself!
More Pics of places on the way!

That is correct. Out of all the driving we did today, we only took one real adventure the the Land Between the lakes national recreation area in KY and we saw bison and elk. Sound weird? It was. We drove through their bison and elk loop which is a restoration wildlife project and saw a herd of bison and about 5 elk.
This one buffalo was walking beside us on the road and kept rubbing his head all over the ground I guess to get his fur off. It was an entertaining detour and adventure I must say haha.

Besides that, we didn’t do much but drive into Knoxville for the night. There was a ton of road construction though.

Also there’s a hidden stamp for your national parks passports books at the rec area. You have to ask for it!